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AquaSens: A quick and easy device for winemakers

AquaSens may provide a way of optimising the addition of sulfur dioxide in wine making. Sulfur dioxide is added to protect wine from spoilage by bacteria and oxidation, and to keep volatile acidity at desirable levels.

CleanFutures is asking winemakers to consider their use of sulfur dioxide by answering 10 very quick questions. Click here to take survey. Responses to the survey will help guide the development of the AquaSens sulfite application for the industry.

Sulfur dioxide and sulfites are difficult to measure due to their ability to bind to other compounds. AquaSens offers the ability to measure sulfites which may be used to monitor sulfur dioxide levels during winemaking and prevent problems associated with too little being added (microbial growth), or too much (a harsher palate and undesirable aroma).

In a collaboration between The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI), Flinders University, Monash University and CleanFutures, research is being conducted to test the sulfite application for AquaSens and develop processes so that it can be used as a portable, accurate and simple-to-use device for measuring sulfites in wine.


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CleanFutures focuses on AquaSens as CleanFutures AquaSens Pty Ltd

CleanFutures is now primarily focussed on developing its AquaSens technology under the new trading name: CleanFutures AquaSens Pty Ltd.

AquaSens, is a rapid, highly sensitive sensor probe for the detection of nitrates and phosphates in water, and sulfites in wine and food products.

The CleanFutures team consists of :

  • Dr Kristin Alford Chief Executive Officer
  • John O’Brien Chief Financial Officer
  • Alexandra Smart Product Development and IP Manager

Technical Advisors to CleanFutures Aquasens Pty Ltd are:

  • Dr Sarah Morgan, independent consultant, ex-NanoVentures Australia and Nanotechnology Victoria.
  • Prof Sam Adeloju, Monash University.

CleanFutures AquaSens is currently pursuing investment around the AquaSens technology with range of potential investors. It is hoped that funding will enable the technology to move through commercialisation, including designing and manufacturing an industrial prototype and conducting customer trials. Development will initially focus on applications in phosphate and nitrate detection, however meetings have commenced planning further R&D around sulfite measurement for the wine industry.

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