Clean Futures is a joint venture of Australian Cleantech and Bridge8 based in South Australia. Our combination of capabilities and connections means we can successfully fund and commercialise technologies that enable clean futures.


The members of our team are:

Dr Kristin Alford Chief Executive Officer

John O’Brien Chief Financial Officer

Alexandra Smart Product Development and IP Manager

Technical Advisors to CleanFutures Aquasens are:

Dr Sarah Morgan

Prof Sam Adeloju

Australian Cleantech

080408-australian-cleantech-logo1Australian CleanTech is a research and broking firm that provides advice to cleantech companies and financial institutions. Through its work it provides a bridge between investors and the investment requirements of cleantech projects. With extensive experience in both cleantech technology assessment and investment analysis, Australian CleanTech provides unique services that will facilitate and deliver successful Australian clean technology projects.

  • Research Database – Australian CleanTech has developed and maintains a database of global cleantech companies. The database contains company profiles of more than 1200 companies, over 300 of which are based in Australia. Each company is assessed on the basis of their technical, regulatory and commercial risk profiles
  • ACT Australian Cleantech Index – Australian CleanTech publishes the ACT Australian Cleantech Index provides a measure of the performance of the Australian listed stocks in the cleantech sector. With over 70 companies following under the coverage of the index and with a combined market capitalisation of over $15Bn, the index presents for the first time a picture of the Australian cleantech industry’s growth in a single measure.
  • Adelaide Cleantech Network – Australian Cleantech facilitates the Adelaide Cleantech Network that provides an environment to foster collaboration between companies, investors, government and academia.
  • Investor Services – Project sourcing, technical assessment, investment management, delivering exit strategies, lobbying.
  • Project Services – Development of growth strategies, sourcing funding, industry and technology research, strategic, project delivery, Intellectual Property protection strategies, securing and retaining the right people, securing Government grants and power, water and environmental credit purchase agreement negotiation, commercialising strategies, international expansion.
  • Government Services – policy development, policy impact analysis, economic development, facilitation of Industry Clusters, information dissemination.

John O’Brien is the founder and Managing Director of Australian CleanTech and has advised a number of organizations on their options with respect to securing or making cleantech investments. John is publishing a book in 2009 on the opportunities being generated by climate change, is on the board of two currently unlisted renewable energy start-ups and is a member of the South Australian Premier’s Climate Change Council.

John previously worked for Origin Energy on growth, strategy and M&A projects in addition to being the founding secretary of the company’s Operational Risk Committee. He specialized in reviewing and filtering clean energy and water industry opportunities, through which he became interested in the emerging cleantech sector. John has engineering degrees from the University of Oxford and Trinity College, Dublin and an MBA from the University of Adelaide. He has completed the AICD’s Company Directors Course, is a chartered engineer with the Institute of Engineers Australia and is a member of both the Australian Water Association and the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia.


bridge8-rgb-web-logoBridge 8 is a foresight and communications consultancy that creates innovative futures by considering emerging technologies, public engagement and education through strategic futures thinking. Bridge8 employes six people with qualifications in science and technology and skills in foresight, communications and project management. It is this combination of skills that supports complimentary services for industry and community development to government, industry and the education sector.

  • Foresight & strategy – Bridge8 offers facilitation and research services in environmental scanning, scenario thinking, and visioning; organisational and industry strategic development; and reviews of emerging technologies. Examples include future scenarios for agricultural production and a review of research and development capabilities in advanced manufacturing.
  • Marketing & communications – Bridge8 assists science and technology orientated organisations to design their marketing and communication strategies as well as craft appropriate messages in implementation.
  • Emerging technology commercialisation – Bridge8 supports technologies through the commercialisation process by advising on stakeholder strategies, marketing & communications and project management.
  • Public science engagement – Engagement with science is important for the uptake of emerging technologies. Bridge8 engages the public through Web 2.0, futures thinking and art/science collaboration. Industry engagement with new technologies is a critical piece of this work.
  • Science & technology education – Bridge8 developed AccessNano for the Australian Office of Nanotechnology to enable schools across Australia to introduce nanotechnology into the classroom. This program  identifies career paths for talented science students and encourages all students to be infomed members of the community with respect to the risks and benefits of emerging technologies.

Dr Kristin Alford is the Managing Director of Bridge8 which she founded in 2004. Kristin is a futurist, technologist and communicator who is able to find insight and order in chaos. She is on the boards of the Australian Network for Art and Technology and the Australian Nano Business Forum.

Kristin worked as a metallurgist and in human resources with BHPBilliton and at Ansett-Air New Zealand where she gained experience in corporate and labour strategy. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering and PhD from the University of Queensland and will be awarded a Masters of Management in Strategic Foresight from Swinburne University in April 2009. She is a member of the Australian Institute of Management and the Association of Professional Futurists.

Alexandra Smart is a Science and Industry Analyst with Bridge8, her areas of specific capabilities include science commercialisation, communication, and marketing. She has a Bachelor of Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology from UniSA and Honours in Biotechnology (IP Management and Commercialisation) from Adelaide University. Following honours she commenced a PhD with the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics (ACPFG), investigating stress responses in barley. During her PhD, she completed a Graduate Certificate in Commercialisation with a Government Commercialisation Training Scheme Scholarship through the University of Adelaide.

Alexandra has also worked for SA’s largest hospitality and entertainment marketing, promotion and communication company since 2001. She manages a department of over 20 staff and coordinates venue promotion and marketing.


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  • 1. Peter Binks  |  January 9, 2009 at 10:49 am


    This is a good start! There seem to be good opportunities to use the technologies developed via NanoVic over the last 5 years for specific cleantech solutions for South Australia, or with South Australian businesses

    Best regards

    Peter Binks
    CEO Nanotechnology Victoria

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